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7 ) Develop and use models to show multiple solutions in which patterns are used to transfer information (e.g., using a grid of 1s and 0s representing black and white to send information about a picture, using drums to send coded information through sound waves, using Morse code to send a message).*

Subject: Science (4)
Title: Talking to Fireflies

In this learning activity, students will visit the American Museum of Natural History website to learn about fireflies and how they communicate. They will compare the communication pattern of fireflies to Morse Code used by humans and practice communicating with fireflies through an interactive game. Finally, students will collaboratively create their own "code" to communicate with other students and send a message across the classroom using the Google Science Journal app. The Google Science Journal app gives real-time access to data from electronic motion, light, and sound sensors that are built into the device.

This activity results from the ALEX Resource Gap Project.

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