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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SC2015] ES6 (6) 5 :
5 ) Use evidence to explain how different geologic processes shape Earth's history over widely varying scales of space and time (e.g., chemical and physical erosion; tectonic plate processes; volcanic eruptions; meteor impacts; regional geographical features, including Alabama fault lines, Rickwood Caverns, and Wetumpka Impact Crater).

[DLIT] (5) 5 :
R5) Locate and curate information from digital sources to answer research questions.

Subject: Science (6), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (5)
Title: Using a Hyperdoc to Explore Volcanic Activity

This lesson gives students the opportunity to explore volcanoes and their impact on our planet. Students will take a virtual field trip of a dormant volcano and answer research questions about its formation and its after-effects. Next, students will discover which volcanoes in the United States are currently active. Finally, students will use an interactive map activity to explore famous eruptions from around the world. They will be given clues about the date and consequences of the eruption. Once they locate the volcano, they will place a virtual pin in its location on the world map. This lesson aligns with 6th grade Alabama Science Course of Study.

This activity was created as a result of the DLCS COS Resource Development Summit.

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