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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SC2015] ES6 (6) 10 :
10 ) Use research-based evidence to propose a scientific explanation regarding how the distribution of Earth's resources such as minerals, fossil fuels, and groundwater are the result of ongoing geoscience processes (e.g., past volcanic and hydrothermal activity, burial of organic sediments, active weathering of rock).

[ELA2021] (6) 11 :
11. Utilize written, visual, digital, and interactive texts to generate and answer literal, interpretive, and applied questions.
[ELA2021] (6) 8 :
8. Participate in collaborative discussions using information from a source.
[ELA2021] (6) -6 :
R1. Utilize active listening skills during discussion and conversation in pairs, small groups, or whole-class settings, following agreed-upon rules for participation.
[ELA2021] (6) 24 :
24. Write about research findings independently over short and/or extended periods of time.
Subject: Science (6), English Language Arts (6)
Title: Literacy Strategies in the Science Classroom: Collaborative Jigsaw Research

This strategy guide will provide teachers with the background knowledge needed to implement the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique in their classrooms. The digital tool explains the research basis of this technique, provides tips for integrating this strategy in the classroom, and offers links to related resources. 

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