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ALEX Lesson Plans  
Subject: English Language Arts (4), or Science (4)
Title: Fascinating Fossils
Description: Students will explore how changes in rocks and land formations over time explain the large number of aquatic fossils that can be found across the state of Alabama. They will model volcanic eruptions and fossil formation through a hands-on activity using baking soda, vinegar, and playdough.  Then they will read a news article to determine that Alabama was underwater at one time, which explains how aquatic fossils are found across the state.  Finally, they will write and illustrate an explanation that shows how layers and fossils found in rock are evidence that these rocks changed over time. This lesson results from the ALEX Resource Gap Project.

Subject: English Language Arts (4), or Science (4)
Title: How Grand is the Grand Canyon?
Description: In this lesson, students will conduct an experiment to compare similarities and differences with wind and water erosion.  Students will create a narrative story describing a particular rock formation based on evidence in the rock patterns, including an estimated time frame, plants and animals that may have been living in the environment, and the type of erosion that formed their rock formation. This lesson results from a collaboration between the Alabama State Department of Education and ASTA.