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Subject: Science (7)
Title: Plant’s Nanomachinery for Photosynthesis and Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Conversion
Description: Understanding the energy conversion capability of photosynthesis and the artificial nanostructured photocatalysts contrast biotic and abiotic systems, while demonstrating the efficiency of photosynthesis compared to titanium dioxide nanoparticles in generating gas production volumetrically. The experiment results transition to a discussion of photosynthesis and the organelles within the cell where it takes place.  This lesson explores  light energy capture and transformation into chemical energy during photosynthesis.  The lesson can lead to discussion of renewable energy conversion methods and nanotechnology, to help advance nanoscience research to solve the challenging energy issues in the future.     

Subject: Science (7)
Title: Osmosis and Diffusion Lab
Description: This lesson plan includes several hands-on, inquiry-based lab activities exploring the concepts of osmosis and diffusion. The lesson plan is divided into three modules. First, the teacher will demonstrate osmosis and diffusion using gummy bears, salt, celery, food coloring, and hot and cold water. Next, students will participate in a hands-on lab activity that will demonstrate diffusion using various concentrations of corn starch and Lugol’s solution. Lastly, students will demonstrate the process of osmosis using dialysis tubing, sucrose solution, cornstarch, phenolphthalein, ammonia, vinegar, and universal indicator solution.