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Arts Education (2017) Grade(s): 09-12 - Visual Arts


Implement multiple solutions with the use of available digital tools and/or innovative technology in an artistic investigation of traditional and/or contemporary practices.

COS Examples

Examples: Printmaking, digital photography, animation, or digital graphics.

Unpacked Content

Essential Questions

EU: Artists and designers shape artistic investigations, following or breaking with traditions in pursuit of creative artmaking goals.
EQ: How does knowing the contexts, histories, and traditions of art forms help create works of art and design? Why do artists follow or break from established traditions? How do artists determine what resources and criteria are needed to formulate artistic investigations?

Skills Examples

  • Apply color contrast, differences in shape and size, repetition of textures and patterns to a work of art.
  • Explore printmaking, digital photography, animation, digital graphics.
  • Demonstrate understanding of copyright laws and appropriation when gathering ideas and resources for creating artwork.
  • Demonstrate technical skill when drawing or painting a still life from observation.
  • Choose and apply the appropriate media that will best support what the student is trying to communicate in their artwork.
  • Discuss and demonstrate skills by creatively exploring, collaborating, and self - evaluating throughout the creative processes.
  • Collaborate to develop a space for a student exhibit.
  • Analyze artwork over a period of time: Graffiti, Photography, etc.


  • Innovative Thinking
  • Creative Processes
  • Multiple Solutions
  • Organize and Develop Ideas and Work
  • Technical Skill
  • Craftsmanship
  • Mat types and processes
  • Concentration
  • Breadth
  • Portfolio
  • Artistic problems can have more than one solution and can be approached from a variety of media.
  • Artwork is created with technical skill, craftsmanship and proficiency.
  • Artists are knowledgeable in copyright laws for images from various resources.
  • Artists create a plan for display of intended artwork.
  • Correct terminology is used when discussing or writing about art.

Anchor Standards

Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.