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Arts Education (2017) Grade(s): 09-12 - Visual Arts


Make informed choices using a range of materials, methods, and techniques of traditional and/or contemporary artistic processes to plan works of art and design.

Unpacked Content

Essential Questions

EU: Artists and designers shape artistic investigations, following or breaking with traditions in pursuit of creative artmaking goals.
EQ: How does knowing the contexts, histories, and traditions of art forms help create works of art and design? Why do artists follow or break from established traditions? How do artists determine what resources and criteria are needed to formulate artistic investigations?

Skills Examples

  • Use drawing skills and techniques as well as a variety of media to create a series of artworks based upon one's personal narrative.
  • Use perceptual skills (to create imagery from observation), imagination, and forming skills to achieve specific purposes in drawing and painting.
  • Use a variety of photographic and digital media techniques to develop compositions for the purposes of expression.
  • Select materials and processes and apply techniques and attributes of other artists and cultures to create original works of art.
  • Create and interpret an artwork that reflects the influences of a particular artist style, culture, or time.
  • Use a wide variety of found objects to create a work of art around a personal theme in the manner of artist Thornton Dial.
  • Create a series of artworks (sculptures, paintings) based upon the human figure.
  • Discuss the differences between art as practice (copying a masterwork, comic art, etc.) and art as a personal original creation.
  • Understand the importance of signing and dating original artwork.
  • Create a drawing or photograph that reflects the traditions and ideals of one's school.
  • Create and install an original work of art for a public space that reflects a social or cultural issue.
  • Redesign a public space (playground) that includes special needs children.
  • Create a sketch book that reflects ideas, themes, experimentation and growth.


  • Portraiture
  • Figures
  • Landscapes
  • Cityscapes
  • Everyday Life
  • Social Issues
  • Personal History
  • Conceptual/ Text-based Art
  • Image Appropriation
  • Conceptual Art
  • Reflection
  • Innovative thing are essential life skills.
  • Understanding contexts, histories and traditions that lead artists to break established traditions.
  • Experimentation of various art forms to express visual communication.
  • Responsible and ethical use of resources is essential when creating works of art.
  • People interact and perceive various art works in many different ways.

Anchor Standards

Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.